chapter  8
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Japanese Agriculture Today: The Roots

With its market at home withering and reproductive base decaying, Japanese agriculture is on the brink of total collapse. What is happening today to the nation's fanns and fanning population?
WithOhno Kazuoki

The single most important factor in the cutback of rice production is the enormous amount of imported grains, amounting to approximately 28.2 million tons in 1987. This was more than twice the total domestic grain production in

·This is an updated and lightly edited version of an article, "Japanese Agriculture Today: Decaying at the Roots," originally published in AMPO: Japan-Asia Quarterly Review, vol. 20, nos. I and 2 (1988), pp. 14-27. Although the article as published here is the same as the version published in the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars in 1972, it is followed by a four-page update written in 1996.