chapter  11
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Dilemmas and Accommodations

Japanese Women in White-Collar Employment of the literature on the role of married Japanese women
WithAtsumi Reiko

Seemingly in contrast to these ideals, recent labor statistics show that in Japan over 60 percent of women between thirty-five and fifty-four are now in the labor force. Furthermore, the proportion of married female employees to all female employees has drastically increased during the last twenty years. In 1984 nearly 60 percent of female employees were married, whereas female employees who had never been married constituted only 32 percent of the tota1.2 Table ILl shows that between 1962 and 1984 the ratio of married to unmarried females at work has nearly reversed. This increase in the proportion of married female employees may be interpreted as a result of a change in the attitudes of the Japanese toward married women working outside the home.