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of Koreans (Kanagawa-ken Chosenjin kyosei renko shinso

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On 7 June, shortly before the city assembly reopened on 16 June, KPFORFLK conducted an initial field investigation of the tunnels built in Zushi by Korean laborers during the war.21 One aged Korean man recounted the horrible conditions under which he and others had worked in Zushi. Yi Y ong-jin, seventy, remembered how there were numerous cave-ins that resulted in many grave injuries. He further noted that the injured were not provided with any medical care.22 On 24 June the city assembly voted to fund a three-year study. Officials in the Peaceful Relations Section (Heiwatoshi suishinkai) of Zushi city hall will work with scholars to compile a report that will serve as a basis for rewriting the official city history.