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Sanrizuka farmers overwhelmed by the destruction of their land, livelihood, and homes by the forcible building of the New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) in 1978. As Joe Moore concludes in "Democracy and Capitalism in Postwar Japan," material prosperity for Japan has come at a heavy cost--the gradual dismantling of the postwar democratic revolution in the name of efficiency in pursuit of all-out growth. When, as at Narita, local people have placed a higher value on community, democracy, and a livable environment and attempted to stymie elite plans for "development," the state and private capital have not hesitated to use force to overcome resistance. At Narita this involved the mobilization of 14,000 riot troops! Since then the airport has been built and development has proceeded-along with public disillusionment with a style of elite rule that has become increasingly authoritarian and corrupt. This illustration is by Ishige Hiromichi ofNakago hamlet and appeared on the front cover of the March 1985 issue of Mushiro-Bata: The Strawmat Banner, a publication written by farmers and published periodically by the League of Shibayama and the Sanrizuka Farmers against the Sanrizuka Airport.