chapter  8
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“A Grand and Glorious Thing ... the Team of Mackenzie and Roosevelt"

The two leaders' careers overlap from 1 935 , when King became prime minister, until FDR's death in April 1 945 . During that time the men met eighteen times, twelve times after Canada entered World War II on 1 0 September 1 939. 1 1 In addition, there were countless phone calls and written letters, many recorded in FDR's personal papers and Mackenzie King's diaries. Early on, FDR urged King to circumvent official channels and use the phone at any time. 1 2

The Munich Pact of September 1 938 was welcomed by both FDR and Mackenzie King. Although both were very anti-Hitler and, as FDR wrote to

meeting. Although FDR had a strong personal relationship with King, Roosevelt was adamant that King could not be the only Dominion leader present.8° FDR feared that other Dominion leaders would seek a presence at the meeting. And later, as FDR and Churchill quickly got to know each other, there was no need or desire for an intermediary, even one as hospitable as Mackenzie King.