chapter  9
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The Being, the Phenomenon, and the Becoming in ‘Greek Crisis’
WithNeni Panourgiá

This chapter explores ethnographically the valances of poverty produced in Greece under the current politico-economic crisis, its narrativizations, its different deployments, its variant processes, and its praxiological concerns. The process of becoming new-poor has been amply discussed in non-empirically based discipline, such as economics, political science and sociologym, but any in-depth, ethnographic descriptions are only now percolating to any discursive surfaces. The chapter presents thoughts and concerns that have been populating from encounters with people on the ground, so to speak, following them around, being present, now as a witness, now as a co-actor, oftentimes as an inert presence in this vortex of experience that started with the signing of the Memorandum in May 2010. It presents perceptions of quality of life and its translations from the hegemonic use in the media, including questions of subsistence, health care, access to education, and access to the financial system and its mechanism.