chapter  11
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The CV industry

The construction of the Self as an active and flexible citizen
WithEleni Papagaroufali

In Greece today, a large number of students, principally high-school graduates, but also junior high and university students, are trying, to use their words, to 'fill up' their CVs by participating in many different 'actions' and initiatives. Pierre Bourdieu's essay, 'The Illusion of Biography', observes that 'the life history will vary, as much in its form as in its content, according to the social quality of the market on which it will be offered'. The structure of the model CVs posted by universities and other agencies incites the applicants to immediately follow their personal data with a narration of any type of 'professional experience' they have acquired during their studies, or after their graduation as employees or workers. This chapter suggests that the act of self-archiving by aspiring life-long students and potential employees entangles them not only in the inherent illusion of an active self that can decisively intervene in its life course, but also into its deceptive temporality.