chapter  15
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Put the blame on potatoes

Power relations and the trajectories of goods during the Greek crisis
WithGeorgios Agelopoulos

This chapter discusses the 'potato movement' in Greece based on autoethnographic account. The potato movement provides with a context to discuss wider issues related to the Greek crisis. Understanding the context of the crisis requires overcoming some conceptual difficulties in approaching what has been happening in Greece during the last decade. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate the different experiences of individuals in the crisis and the extent of the violence they lived through. The potato movement, Die Kartoffelbewegung, Le mouvement de la pomme de terre as reported in international media, became headlines in many European newspapers and on TV stations. The main slogan of the potato movement is 'without-middlemen'. The potato movement was so successful not only because of the lower prices it secured for citizens but also because of the meanings attributed to the potatoes.