chapter  2
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Free money, spoiled recipients

The capitalist crisis as a moral question among Greek technocrats
WithDimitrios Gkintidis

This chapter presents an overview of the trajectory of the social agents, their shifting representations and memories, as well as their positioning amidst the recent manifestation of the capitalist crisis. It outlines the idea of European developmental funds that has held among Greek technocrats specialized in EU policies over the last 30 years. The chapter suggests that the circulation of these funds did not only go in parallel with a positive repositioning toward the European Union, but also enhanced the consolidation of systemic political thought in terms of moral questions, accountability, and obligations. It points out the growing circulation of moral questions in parallel to the increased pervasiveness of European 'aid'. The chapter addresses the emergence of emic ideas of universal morality as an expansive model of social interpretation that engulfs dominant and dominated alike. European money has been the main point through which the idea and argument of amoralism, corruption, and laxness have often been addressed in Greece.