chapter  5
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Death in the Greek territorial and symbolic borders

Anti-immigrant action for policing the crisis 1
WithGiorgos Tsimouris, Roland S. Moore

This chapter discusses official discourses over borders in Greece, bearing in mind that immigration, asylum, and borders have moved to the central stage of domestic and international politics. In Greece, death in the terrestrial and maritime borders for security reasons as well as fatal attacks in the center of Athens by the Neo-Nazis should be considered in common. The non-legalization and the 'non-visibility' adds to the flexibility as a labor force and enables further exploitation for 'demanding, dangerous and dirty' work, while state authorities avoid undertaking any responsibility for their legal protection. The institutional orientation contributes significantly to the subjection of immigrants in the borderlands and the margins of legal order and, occasionally, in the borderline of life and death. When crossing the dividing line most immigrants expect to come across some sort of better life, but they discover, to their detriment, more borders, control, and repression if not death, especially in the period of crisis.