chapter  1
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Why Evaluate Organizational Change Efforts?

WithM.J. Park

Organizational change exists as a result of dynamic environments. To achieve and sustain a competitive position in their market, organizations must consistently consider development through change. The pressure for businesses to change is enormous and inexorable, mostly because the competition is changing, and so is the marketplace. This chapter introduces organizational change evaluation, its importance to a successful intervention, and the components and considerations related to the evaluation process. The evaluation of the change effort plays a critical part in the intervention process and can occur several times throughout the intervention. The three phases include the preintervention, intraintervention, and postintervention phases. The size of an organization and its culture also affect the organization's change capabilities. Results-based management, and its concepts of monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and performance, closely aligns with the postintervention evaluation. The evaluation instrument and the influence of the evaluation process potentially affect internal validity.