chapter  2
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How Does Organizational Change Evaluation Differ from Training Evaluation?

ByZakiya Alsadah, Ali Alkhalaf, Maureen Connelly Jones

This chapter explores how change evaluation differs from training evaluation. It covers the topics such as business case, the differences between organization change evaluation and training evaluation, evaluation approaches and models, workplace applications, and definitions of important terms. Evaluation of the intervention is essential to verify the results and show improvement postintervention. Training is a quick fix or one-time change that takes only a few hours to a few days. Evaluation of a training event should be carefully planned and include conversations that establish the time frames for evaluation, type of data needed to complete the evaluation, and what participants will be included in the sample. The benefits of evaluation efforts can go beyond the financial spreadsheet, and the leadership team should make time to brainstorm how the change will benefit the business (strategic goals) and in turn the ROI.