chapter  3
24 Pages

Aligning Evaluation to Organizational Strategy

WithMaria T. Spencer, Marie Carasco-Saul

An organization's strategy operationalizes multiple interrelated factors to drive its organization, processes, and people in order to seek and maintain a competitive position in the market. An organization development (OD) intervention can be a powerful tool in the effort to produce and maintain the alignment of the organization's human capital with the organization's strategy, because, among other benefits, OD interventions can help organizations facilitate the development of a shared vision and collective buy-in to the organization's goals and strategic imperatives. This chapter provides guidance, information, and resources that the practitioner can use to help align the evaluation of OD interventions with the broader organizational strategy. The leadership team elected to engage an OD consultant to help the organization work through the change. The OD consultant cautioned the team that this set of metrics, which focused on the end goal of the intervention, was only part of the information the team could measure as part of the evaluation.