chapter  8
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Determining, Collecting, and Analyzing Implementation Data

WithRobert Boswell

This chapter focuses on several critical issues associated with determining types of data to collect, data collection methods and analyzing implementation data. Evaluation can examine a few aspects of a change effort: the change effort itself or the solutions the change effort is trying to address. Evaluation aimed at assessing how well the change initiative is being implemented may be called during application-appraisal. Besides considering evaluation in terms of during application-appraisal and after application-appraisal, it also is essential to consider evaluation of OD interventions derived from the organization's goals. That is, an organization is only effective to the degree by which they meet their goals. The data collection methods discussed in the chapter include interviews, observations, questionnaires, and unobtrusive measures. Interviews are possibly the most extensively used technique for data collection in OD. The observation data collection method involves the process of collecting data by witnessing organizational performance in its natural settings.