chapter  9
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Reporting Results to Stakeholders

ByMaureen Connelly Jones

Reporting results is frequently relegated to the final phase along with evaluation. However, if the report of results plan is crafted well, it can facilitate additional change and highlight a well-executed blueprint that energizes the employee base and stakeholders alike. This chapter talks about follow through- the project goals, the inclusion of stakeholders, and the transparency needed for all involved to continue to stand behind an important change effort. Reporting should be invigorating, challenging, and also serve specific goals, like the rest of the change effort. Sharing results is the culminating event in an often long and challenging process even if it has been a positive experience. Creating and presenting reports is not just reproducing the same information gleamed from the change effort. A decision on timing will be dependent on a few factors such as audience, intent, availability of data, and stakeholder needs.