chapter  4
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Regenerating the Commons

Policy Design Models Beyond CSR
WithFrancesca Battistoni, Paolo Cottino, Flaviano Zandonai

This chapter reconstructs the debate on the transformations that concern Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of for-profit firms and the entrepreneurial evolution in the field of nonprofit organisations, highlighting ambivalent elements of convergence and divergence of this processes. It analyses the relation between enterprise and social and economic local context, considering "the territory" not as an unchanging background and taken for granted, but as a factor still relevant for chains that recombine economic and social value. The chapter explores opportunities and risks, with reference to the financial solutions for social regeneration processes, which involve coalitions of different actors: individuals and associates, public and private institutions, and non-profit and for-profit enterprises. It suggests some conclusive considerations about tools and approaches useful to draw new strategies and policies that strengthen the role of social regeneration, as a "engine" for a new, place-based development model.