chapter  10
Digital Technology as a Tool for Social Regeneration
Web 2.0’s Intended and Unintended Outcomes Within a Society
ByAndres Morales, Sara Calvo
Pages 22

Digital technology focuses on the prism of social regeneration. This chapter explores the role played by digital technology with the example of the Web 2.0 invention as a tool for social regeneration. It presents basic theoretical discussions and debates about digital division 2.0. The chapter explains the role of Web 2.0 technology amongst different groups and how far-reaching digital technology serves the purpose of access for all and its use and knowledge-implementation amongst the global communities. The development and the expansion of digital technology within socioeconomic, political, and cultural life on a global scale illustrates the sort of society the world is moving towards, a society blended, interconnected, and grounded virtually by the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 technology has also played an important role in enriching community interaction promoting sharing, collaboration, and participation and enabling users to evolve from the static to the dynamic Web 2.0 technologies.