chapter  9
Sponsorship goes social
Analyzing Twitter users’ discussion of French Open sponsors
ByElizabeth Delia, Cole Armstrong
Pages 14

This chapter qualitatively examines Twitter activity during the tournament to obtain a deep understanding of buzz and sentiment around particular sponsors. It examines sponsor-related discussions on social media in regard to sponsor–sponsee functional fit and each sponsor's social media presence. The chapter aims to assess the social media activity surrounding multiple French Open sponsors. The growth of social media over the past decade has contributed to an increasingly complex media landscape and the notion of media convergence. The popularity of social networking sites has contributed to changes in the way sporting events are experienced in that individuals are able to choose how they consume an event. The chapter also discusses the themes of unintended misrepresentation of sponsors and sponsorship activation. Researchers who endeavor to study phenomena on social media must be aware of the reality, and should conduct their research and report their results accordingly.