chapter  10
Shaky footage from the field
Envisioning a new terrain with film-based inquiry
ByYosuke Washiya
Pages 11

This chapter focuses on how shaky footage was produced during my film-based inquiry. It shares the centering of the issue of logo-centricity as a methodological limitation with those studies that adopt visual methods, the decision to pick up a video camera was differently directed. The chapter examines the inadequacy of descriptions by focusing on the physical engagement of filming in the field, three methodological implications arise. It highlights the implications of using a video camera in the field relate to how the field itself is enacted together with the camera. Physical engagement is crucial here, especially when filming aims to focus on non-linguistic features without assuming them to be translated into other forms of representations. Film-based inquiry evokes a new methodological approach. In this way, even shaky footage is a valuable product from the field, since different methodological possibilities can be envisioned by highlighting the temporal present and the inseparable meshwork of reality in the field.