chapter  2
The datafication of everything
Towards a sociology of sport and Big Data
ByBrad Millington, Rob Millington
Pages 15

This chapter examines the relationship between sport and Big Data – something that has yet to be done to a sufficient extent, even though scholars have long been concerned with the scientific rationalizing of sport. It defines Big Data before developing some postulates relating to Big Data. The chapter aims to adumbrate what appear to be basic principles underlying sport's newfound statistical turn while recognizing that further theorizing and empirical research into each are still required. The 'datafication of everything' is well under way in sport and beyond. Without overstating Big Data's reach, it is important to emphasize Big Data's impact across sport, and not just among those comprising its new technocratic class. The chapter ventures to show that the burgeoning pursuit of advanced statistical analyses in sport reflects and reinscribes the general pursuit of activity in the wider conjuncture.