chapter  3
Transformative potential?
Feminist approaches to digital sport media research
ByDunja Antunovic
Pages 14

This chapter discusses three areas for feminist digital qualitative research on sport: digital media representations; organizational cultures in sports journalism; and sports promotion. It illuminates the complexity of using feminist theories to assess the transformative potential of digital media. The chapter suggests that feminist scholars could engage with the body of work much more intentionally when making theoretical and methodological decisions in their own research. It illustrates that digital technologies provide new theoretical and methodological opportunities for feminist scholars. The chapter discusses feminist activism in the digital media environment and suggests that sports scholarship would benefit from a more explicit engagement with feminist theorizing in the field of media studies. It discusses how feminist approaches have informed and can advance studies in sports journalism and sports promotion. The chapter reviews the important ways in which feminist scholars have intervened in digital media research to interrogate patterns of discrimination as well as detect opportunities for change.