chapter  4
Understanding athletes’ online participation
A ticket to qualitative research on online sports arenas
ByUrban Carlén, Ninitha Maivorsdotter
Pages 16

This chapter disputes that the digital competence adopted by athletes contributes to the digitalization of sport, and that sport science researchers have a role to play in contributing scientifically to knowledge about online participation. It explores two research questions. First, how do athletes participate online? Second, how can researchers approach the online arenas in accordance with ethical principles? The chapter describes participants in sporting activities, regardless of type of sport or competitive level. It provides useful information and support for researchers venturing into these arenas to explore how athletes are using the Internet and social media. The chapter responds to two research questions about digital qualitative research in sport and has hopefully contributed important knowledge to the field. It highlights a concern among researchers in sport science about improving their digital competence and, in that way, obtaining a valid ticket to explore new arenas on the Internet.