chapter  5
Guarding against quick and easy
Tightening up qualitative sport and social media research
ByJimmy Sanderson
Pages 19

This chapter discusses qualitative methods, broadly defined, in social media and sport research. It outlines some considerations for scholars who are seeking to investigate topics qualitatively in social media and sport research. The chapter explains the following areas: selecting the research project; sample size; and methods. It addresses some issues to offer one point of view on how to strengthen the qualitative work on sport and social media. The chapter frames a case study as important because of the organizational discipline that was imposed on Logan Morrison due to his social media output. In his analysis of Twitter and sport research, Hutchins observed that one of the gaps in the scholarship and journal submissions was in the focus on content. As social media has taken hold within sport, it has also grabbed the attention of the academic community. Social media is a diverse area within sport, affecting fans, athletes, coaches, administrators, reporters and media organizations alike.