chapter  7
Mommy blogging
Understanding athlete-mother identities in a running community using discursive psychological analysis
ByKerry R. McGannon, Jenny McMahon
Pages 17

This chapter aims to critically explore one form of media representation of mothers who run, via discursive psychology to enhance understanding of motherhood and recreational sport participation. To accomplish this, scholarship is first outlined on recreational athlete mothers, media representations of motherhood, exercise and athletics and blogging and motherhood. The chapter outlines all of the nuanced aspects of blogs following their inception in the early 1990s, there were approximately 133 million active blogs by 2008. It focuses on a topic not yet explored in athletics and motherhood: the complicated and intersecting cultural discourses that circulate in one form of new media – mommy blogging. The chapter concludes with a summary of why studying critical forms of new media research is useful to learn more about the emancipative, and sometimes constraining, potential of online communities for physical activity promotion among mothers.