chapter  1
The Literary Work of Jewish Maghrebi Authors in Postcolonial France
ByEwa Tartakowsky
Pages 21

Literature of North African Jewish authors in France in the postcolonial period sheds light on the various issues at the heart of the literary field. Its process is double: through its memorial construction, it is called to work against forgetting and enables that memory to find a place within the community's new metropolitan host society. The literary emergence of Jewish Maghrebi authors in France thus benefitted from the crystallisation of trend. The social world reflected through the prism of literature by Jewish Maghrebi authors is centred on family and everyday life. This literature is also strongly marked by certain historical themes, reflecting its authors' own experience as part of a community redefining itself in exile, throughout the tumultuous period of decolonisation and settlement and integration in the metropole. The literature produced by Jewish Maghrebi authors in France serves a dual function of remembrance and memorialisation.