chapter  3
Aesthetics, Politics and the Complexities of Arab Jewish Identities in Authoritarian Argentina
BySilvina Schammah Gesser, Susana Brauner
Pages 26

This chapter addresses some of the questions by tracing the trajectories of second and third generations of Argentinian Jews of Middle Eastern descent, their ways of socialisation, forms of heterodoxy and disaffiliation as well as their incorporation into the country's social and cultural spheres. It focuses on social actors who sought to participate as "equals" in the emerging alternative visions of society. The chapter discusses ethno-cultural and religious traditions of minority groups within wider migratory waves of different religious faiths, arrived in the country from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It traces their forms of disaffiliation and heterodoxy vis-a-vis their ethnic communities as well as the ways in which they place themselves in the host society. The chapter analyses the connections among aesthetics, politics and ethnic identities in the trajectories and work of public figures of Arab Jewish descent: the director, filmmaker and playwright Ricardo Halac; the painter Diana Dowek; and the writer and literary critic Susana Romano Sued.