chapter  14
28 Pages

International and regional governance in health and biodiversity

WithClaire Lajaunie, Serge Morand

For the international environmental lawyer, law is a set of tools to help to solve problems. Just as a doctor seeks to diagnose a disease in order to know what cure to prescribe, understanding the causes of an environmental problem can help to identify the most appropriate policy responses. The One Health approach has been presented as a necessary "paradigm shift" in the approach to global health by diverse voices located mainly in the arenas of veterinary science and biology. The complexity of the issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services and their cross-sectoral and cross-scale nature need to be addressed through strong scientific knowledge generated by collaboration among many different disciplines at various levels with the integration of best practices and knowledge of civil society, communities and/or beneficiaries of ecosystem services. To create advanced knowledge systems, it seems necessary to integrate social science, citizen, private sector, indigenous and local knowledge with contemporary science.