chapter  5
Islamic modernism between colonialism and orientalism
Al-Manar’s intellectual circles and Aligarh’s Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, 1898–1914
ByRoy Bar Sadeh
Pages 26

Between the late nineteenth century and World War I, the Aligarh-based Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (M.A.O. College; est. 1875; renamed the Aligarh Muslim University in 1920) 2 and its founder Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817–1898) enjoyed widespread popularity among Islamic modernists in Egypt and the Levant. As the first Indian Muslim educational institution that claimed to be structurally and methodologically based on the British educational models of Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge), the M.A.O. College quickly became a space of engagement where Islamic modernists from Egypt and the Levant interacted with the college’s intellectual circles, European orientalists, and British colonial officials.