chapter  5
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The politics of paradox

Kierkegaardian theology and national conservatism in Denmark
WithMorten Axel Pedersen

In the autumn of 2010, an article with the headline DF: The Concept of Menneskesyn Does Not Exist was printed in the Danish centre-left newspaper Politiken. The piece begins with the journalist describing how one councillor for the Criminal Justice Department, a Louise Aagard Larsen, had visited a prison. In October 2015, at the height of the so-called European refugee crisis, a heated discussion took place in a live studio on Danish national TV between two well-known public figures: Lisbeth Zornig Andersen, and Marie Krarup. The intensity of Krarup's response was almost visceral. Over the years a number of attempts have been made by journalists, commentators and scholars to explain how DF's core political values relate to Tidehverv's theological values, or vice versa. In December 2014, just before the closing of the Danish parliament for Christmas, the seventeen members of the Committee for Naturalization met to discuss and vote on the naturalization of foreign nationals.