chapter  10
A History in Letters: the Allemane Family’s Letters During and After the Paris Commune, 1871-1880
BySiân Reynolds
Pages 12

The following letter was found in the pockets of a young man arrested in the wake of the Paris Commune in June 1871:

Egreville (north of Paris) 16 April 1871

Dear Sir

We are in much impatience not having heard from you and at the same time not having received any money for 8 months now that we have been waiting. You must believe that we really need the money because the Prussians did a lot of damage here and if we took in your child to nurse it was because I needed the money. You know very well that I have done my duty by your child, I have had a lot of trouble bringing him up, and thank God, today he is well as are all the family. I wrote to you on the 9th asking for clothes for the little one and some money. So I think you will do your best possible to send some to Mme Caslin or else you will take back your child. I wanted to go and see you myself if it had not been for the troubles. So do not fail me. I end my letter with a friendly handshake.

Leloup, Prosper 1