chapter  11
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Biologically Triggered Injectable Hydrogels as Intelligent Scaffolds

WithYoon Ki Joung, Kyung Min Park, Ki Dong Parkc

Biologically triggered injectable hydrogels are an emerging area that is applied to injectable scaffolds for regenerative medicine. Although in situ formation is attractive for tissue regeneration due to the injectable function enabling noninvasive therapy, there are many problems to be solved before they can be used clinically. Utilizing biologically active enzymes in hydrogelation might overcome the problems of injectable hydrogels. Recent examples of these studies include peroxidase, transglutaminase, phosphatase, and others. Recently biologically triggered hydrogels show predominant properties in rapid gelation time and applicable mechanical strength, compared to existing injectable hydrogels. Therefore, the biologically triggered hydrogels have promise as a noninvasive injectable scaffold for tissue regeneration.