chapter  23
14 Pages

Application of Nanodevices in Sensing and Regenerative Medicine

WithRafiq Ahmad, Nirmalya Tripathy, Yoon-Bong Hahn

Nanodevices are sophisticated systems mostly used as ultrasensitive nanosensors capable of detecting signals for chemical/biomolecules, ICs with integrated sensors like in the airbag sensor, new data storage techniques, RF devices for mobile wireless communication, for spot cooling of integrated circuits, new electronic components and systems beyond CMOS, optical data processing components and systems, compact and efficient filtration devices, for advancement in the field of regenerative medicine, new low-invasive medical tools and devices, and new technologies for solar energy capturing. This chapter illustrates the applications of nanodevices for sensing 658and regenerative medicine. Several approaches have been widely used for the advancement of nanodevices such as biosensors and in the field of regenerative medicine, that is, by improvement in scaffolds for cell growth, development of new and efficient delivery devices, and cellular modification. In addition, we explain that how these nanodevices control the biochemical and mechanical microenvironment for successful cell delivery and tissue regeneration.