chapter  25
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Carbon Nanotubes: A Kind of Novel Biomaterials for Scaffolds of Tissue Engineering

WithXiaoming Li, Yan Liu, Linhao Li, Qiang Cai, Yubo Fan, In-Seop Lee

With the development of bioengineering and biomaterials, more and more nanostructured materials were applied in the treatment of tissue repair. Carbon nanotubes have many special properties due to its special structure and have high ability to absorb proteins, to induce the expression of specific genes and to stimulate specific tissue formation. So carbon nanotubes have been researched as tissue substitutes for many years. This article is intended to introduce the applications of carbon nanotubes as scaffolds of tissue 690engineering. We mainly described the physicochemical property and biocompatibility of carbon nanotubes, the applications in bone tissue engineering, nerve tissue engineering, hepatic tissue engineering and others. And through a series of research achievements, we can see the carbon nanotubes would be more promising by combining with other biomaterials to achieve the desired goal of tissue regeneration.