chapter  26
38 Pages

Bacteriophage Scaffolds for Functional Assembly of Molecules and Nanomaterials

WithMi Hwa Oh, Jeong Heon Yu, Moon Young Yang, Yoon Sung Nam

In nature there are a myriad of multiscale peptide and protein structures evolved to exhibit unique functionalities. The nature’s design principles for functional biomolecules can provide new inspiration for developing novel functional materials. Considerable efforts have been made to figure out how to harness biological mechanisms with a diverse set of biological building blocks. For 720instance, a genetically engineered phage can work as a versatile biomolecular framework for displaying a large number of randomized peptides that can be used to identify specific binding motifs for a variety of molecules and materials through a biopanning process. This chapter addresses the applications of genetically engineered phages as a platform material for a wide range of applications, including biomarker screening, diagnostics, drug delivery, tissue regeneration, and biomineralization.