chapter  30
34 Pages

Demineralized Dentin Matrix (DDM) Scaffolds for Alveolar Bone Engineering

WithJong-Ho Lee, Young-Kyun Kim, Masaru Murata, In-Woong Um

This chapter introduces the development and use of demineralized dentin matrix (DDM) scaffolds, which were made from the patient’s own extracted tooth to repair the alveolar bone defect, especially for implant dentistry. The structure and organic and inorganic components of DDM will be discussed to emphasize the similarity with autogenous bone. Investigations on biologic requirements such as biocompatibility, osteoinductive function, and osteoconductive function which are mandatory as bone graft substitutes will be presented with remodeling activities as well. Clinical applications of DDM as three-dimensional scaffolds alveolar bone regeneration as well as clinical studies toward the repair and restoration of the unique alveolar bone environment will also be presented.