chapter  38
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Effect of Scaffolds with Bone Growth Factors on New Bone Formation

WithHae-Ryong Song, Swee-Hin Teoh, Hak-Jun Kim, Ji-Hoon Bae, Sung Eun Kim, Young-Pil Yun, Muhammad Qasim, Jerry Chan, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Chang-Wug Oh, Jun-Ho Wang

Bone tissue engineering (BTE) using scaffolds with growth factors/stem cells has received some success in clinical trials. Recently, osteogenic scaffolds using absorbable or nonabsorbable biomaterials have being investigated to repair bone defects. Scaffolds can provide the osteoconduction effect as well as a media to trap cells and allow them to proliferate and differentiate. Bioreactors provide a means to 1114uniformly coat the scaffolds with cells and allow cells to proliferate better. Here we describe our work on preclinical animal trials applying the above concept to regenerate bone.