chapter  11
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The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) on Training the world’s rural family medicine workforce (1995)

This Wonca Policy on Training for Rural Practice has been prepared by the Wonca Working Party on Training for Rural Practice which was formed following the Wonca World Conference in 1992.

Original Working Party Members Professor R Strasser (Convenor) Australia* Dr J Rourke Canada* Dr I Anwar Pakistan* Dr N Naidoo South Africa* Dr H Rabinowitz United States of America* Dr J McLeod United Kingdom* Dr P Newbery Canada* Dr T Aziz Pakistan Professor R Rosenblatt United States of America Professor SH Lee China (Hong Kong) Dr J Wynn-Jones United Kingdom Dr MK Rajakumar Malaysia Professor Gu Yuan China Dr B Chater Australia Dr T Doolan Australia Dr J Cowley Ireland Dr C Simpson United States of America * denotes original working party members

Professor Roger Strasser Head, Monash University School of Rural Health PO Box 424 Traralgon Victoria 3844 Australia Telephone: + 61 3 5173 8181 Facsimile: + 61 3 5173 8182 Email: [email protected]

The worldwide shortage of rural family doctors contributes directly to the difficulties with providing adequate medical care in rural and remote areas in both developed and less developed countries. Wonca believes there is an urgent need to implement strategies to improve rural health services around the world. This will require sufficient numbers of skilled rural family doctors to provide the necessary services. In order to achieve this goal, Wonca recommends:

1. Increasing the number of medical students recruited from rural areas.