chapter  10
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Model-Based Investigation of Transport Phenomena in WDNS

WithKaveh Hariri Asli, Hossein Hariri Asli

146The increase in flow of velocities in the pipes will increase the risk of hydraulic shock. The emergency power shutdown of engine pumps is the main reason which causes the pressure wave in pipelines. A hydraulic shock arises from the changes in the degree of opening the valves. This may lead to the destruction of the pipeline and violations of the normal operation of dewatering systems. The establishment of controllable, manageable areas [district meter areas (DMAs)] within a distribution system, whose demands are easily monitored, has been found to be extremely helpful for effective leakage control and supply management. On the other hand, this work showed proper analysis to provide a dynamic response to the shortcomings of the system. It also performed the design protection equipment to manage the transition energy and determine the operational procedures to avoid transients. Consequently, the results will help to reduce the risk of system damage or failure at the water pipeline.