chapter  16
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Control of Fluidic Jet Repulsion in the Electrospinning Process

WithM. Ziaei, S. Rafiei

264 Physical reasoning problems, like electrospinning phenomena, have usually required a representational apparatus that can deal with the vast amount of physical knowledge that is used in reasoning tasks. Mathematical and theoretical modeling and simulating procedure will permit to offer an in‐depth prediction of electrospun fiber properties and morphology. Utilizing a model to express the effect of electrospinning parameters will assist researchers in making an easy and systematic way of presenting the influence of variables, and by means of that, the process can be controlled. Considering the fact that electrospinning like most of the scientific problems is inherently nonlinear so the governing equations that affect fluid motions do not have analytical solution and should be solved by using other methods. Although there are several numerical methods, which have been applied in literatures to solve such problems, the main novelty in this research will be the application and presentation of a new mathematical model with a minimum applicable time for running simulation program.