chapter  11
Evaluating The Performance Of The Hotels in the Vicinity of the Selected World’s Prominent Hospitals: An Empirical Research Project
WithErfan Rezvani, Frederick J. Demicco
Pages 41

The field of medical tourism where patient seeks medical services abroad is gaining more attention in both research and in practice. Patients (medical tourism) might also take advantage of tourist attractions of their destination and couple their medical experience with some pleasurable activities. While traveling, therefore, they have basic needs such as accommodation, and transportation services as well. Most of the literature on medical tourism assume medical tourists' major intention to travel abroad is to receive medical treatment; therefore, intention to use the holiday components of their trip will be slight. Since the focus of medical tourism literature is on the vacationing patients including cosmetic and wellness tourism, they are primarily connected with non-invasive and low key procedures as well as dentistry and check-up services. Medical tourism destinations consist of a number of countries offering different medical, dental, and surgical services with modern facilities with advanced technologies and well-trained staff.