chapter  13
A Cottage Industry Emerging In Medical Tourism: Medical Cannabis Tourism
WithScott Giannotti
Pages 19

This chapter examines the prospects for medical cannabis tourism where medical marijuana could find a niche as an alternative to opioid narcotic drugs for chronic pain. Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are both marijuana but the regulations on how the program is taxed and regulated make the industries different. Medical marijuana could be a remedy for people not receiving insurance coverage and as an emergency access alternative to mitigate symptoms for a wide range of diseases with no current pharmacological remedy. Medical cannabis tourism could offer the opportunity for patients to experience an ancient healing plant, currently inaccessible in modern times, at a cost in line with other over-the-counter remedies. In the United States, there are several factors which have set the nation up for very strong medical cannabis tourism program beyond that of any other country. Despite opposition to the legalization of marijuana by conservative groups the outlook on medical cannabis tourism remains strong.