chapter  15
Best “Experience” Practices In Medical Tourism
WithMengyu Li (Molly), Frederick J. DeMicco
Pages 9

This chapter demonstrates the best practices in the rising trend of H2H and Medical Tourism. The concept of "Experience Economy" expedites the merging process of hospitality and hospitals: patients are also travelers now whose needs are not merely commodity type of medical care anymore but a memorable well-being experience. Moreover, H2H optimizes the process of realizing excellent care, which serves as the fundamental reason for tourism industry. Successful medical treatment serves as the primary goal of medical tourism. It is the core competency of hospitals while a hospitality team has expertise in customer care. Both teams have competitive methods to reinforce their core competence and enhance their strengths. Switzerland has been one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism for decades. The local hospitals offer packages that include medical treatments, personalized care, hotel stays, medical spas, sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife activities.