chapter  16
Medical Tourism And Information Technology
WithFrederick J. Demicco, Mike Teng
Pages 39

To facilitate medical tourism and travel around the world, information technology is necessary for patients. The technology provides medical records for patients and to their providers along with aiding in scheduling and many other areas of patient care. This chapter describes the importance of technology to provide information on medical patients who travel away from their country of origin. There are three categories of medical tourism: Outbound, Inbound, Intra-bound. Technology acts as a big role in medical tourism. To provide the best facilities for medical practitioners from all over the world consistently is critical. Technologies drive more and more patients across the world to get the best medical care they can find. Medical tourism packages ensure that all aspects of a patient's trip are accounted for in one complete bundle at affordable prices. Patients are simply urged to make sure that all health information is updated concerning medical history files and reports, current and past prescriptions, allergies and insurance information.