chapter  17
Case Study: Medical Tourism—Recovery, Rainforests, and Restructuring: Opportunities for Hotels Bridging Healthcare (H2H)
WithFrederick J. Demicco
Pages 11

This chapter looks at medical tourism in Costa Rica. The role that a tropical rain forest plays in providing a natural and relaxed setting is explored. The relationship between a relaxed rain forest setting and other more main stream medical tourism settings and patient recovery is discussed. Fast-growing medical tourism in Costa Rica owes its existence to tourists from the United States and Canada traveling primarily to get medical and surgical procedures done abroad. Traditionally, the procedures that have been popular with medical tourists in Costa Rica have been cosmetic and dental treatments. But with growing standards of medical care, there is rapid medical tourism demand for various other surgeries and medical procedures. Many unique factors make Costa Rica healthcare a preferred medical travel destination. Medical treatments are usually about 50-70" cheaper than in the United States and no one has to wait their turn for surgery.