chapter  19
The Branding Of Medical Tourism In China: A Snapshot Using A Strategic Model Analysis
WithAli Poorani, Nan Jiang
Pages 10

This chapter looks into the medical tourism phenomenon is China. It takes a strategic approach to three prominent tourism cities in China. The chapter describes a strategy for a three-step branding model for the medical tourism market. Global business travel spending is expected to expand in the next several years with China leading the charge. According to the 2013 Global Business Travel Association study sponsored by Visa, Inc. Beijing, Shanghai, and Sanya are dispersed across the mainland, in Northeastern China, Southeastern China, and South China, all having achieved worldwide recognition. Beijing and Shanghai have started building medical teams, launching associations and developing related support systems. In the healthcare sector, Sanya is a perfect place to develop wellness/health tourism, such as counseling, meditation, SPA, recuperation therapy, and physical check-ups. Quality control is probably at the core of China's medical tourism ambitions, whether it is the quality of medical treatment or quality of tourism arrangements.