chapter  20
Medical Tourism Today and in the Future For China
WithNan Jiang, Ali Poorani
Pages 45

In order to analyze medical tourism cluster launching procedures and differentiation process of branding cities, this chapter discusses and synthesizes models, strategies, tactics, and principles for establishing medical tourism cluster and branding Chinese medical tourism destinations. It builds a strategic SWOT model and examines it in three settings: Beijing, Shanghai, and Sanya. With rich historical tourism resources, Beijing needs more favorable policies to create an investor-friendly environment, attracting public funding, private funding, and Chinese-foreign joint venture. Shanghai is "New York City" in China; it will be more attractive to younger customers. Wealthy individuals in Asia who prefer first-world quality treatment within the region is a good target. In the healthcare sector, Sanya could focus on both domestic and international patients, concentrating much more on Wellness Tourism, such as counseling, meditation, SPA, recuperation therapy, and medical check-ups. Extensive airline network provides more chances and conveniences to go abroad, allowing the healthcare globalization.