chapter  21
Trends in Medical Tourism in South Korea
WithJiseon Ahn, Ki-Joon Back, Jungkun Park
Pages 16

In the medical tourism industry, Asian countries are getting attentions as the destination with a high quality of service and low price compared to European and American countries. This chapter looks at how Asian countries, and especially South Korea, have become popular medical tourism destinations due to their interest in developing tourism related to both medical and travel services. After the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, Asian countries began to regard medical tourism as an important source of economic growth. The shrinking of the middle class also led private hospitals to revise their marketing strategies to accommodate overseas patients. South Korea is emerging as a major medical tourism destination, despite political issues with North Korea. High levels of medical standards at both private and public hospitals in South Korea have influenced the rapid growth of both medical services and the tourism business.