chapter  3
Using the System Model to Describe the Workings of the Mayo Clinic for Medical Tourism
WithFrederick J. Demicco, Dongqiong Patty Luo
Pages 27

This chapter presents The Mayo Clinic Systems Model that provides a vantage point through the window of desirable patient/guest services outcomes. The Systems Model provides a roadmap or blueprint for the integration of all of the services from pre-Mayo to post-Mayo and all the processes in between. The understanding of this model can lead to a very positive level of patient/guest satisfaction and a positive health outcome. Medical tourism is related to the broader notion of health tourism, which, in some countries, has longstanding historical antecedents of spas towns and coastal localities, and other therapeutic landscapes. A Systems Model represents aspects of a system and its environment. There are many different types of models, as there a variety of purposes for which they are built. It is useful to have a common way to talk about the concepts underlying of system behavior, while others enable the understanding of system structure.