chapter  6
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Improving The Health Care: The Patient/Guest Experience Academy

WithFrederick J. Demicco, Ali Poorani

Today an increasing number of businesses are moving away from the traditional commodity, goods, and service model but are becoming more experience-driven. Healthcare institutions are expected to offer travel, lodging, dining, transportation, spa care, and even fitness classes in order to cater to their patients' needs. The goal for the process of the medical care is evolving from transactional care to a transformational experience in which customers/patients receive health benefits, not limited to medical care. Participating managers of Christiana Care Medical Group practices asserted that the Patient Experience Academy is already making a difference the success of a program like this mainly depends on the leadership role that the managers will play as they engage staff through coaching, new performance management methods, recognition programs and continuous practice and communication. Christiana Care Health System has received remarkable rankings due to their commitment to learning, patient experience, and engagement in recent years.