chapter  7
Bringing Hotel Hospitality Service Skills to Healthcare: The Guest Service Gold Training Program from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association
WithFrederick J. Demicco
Pages 11

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute offers a training program for optimal guest services for hotels. The online (or in person) training program leads to a certification in guest services. It is called Guest Service GOLD Training leading to a Certified Guest Service Professional or CGSP designation. Serving is a basic guest service expectation, it means providing the "generic" types of guest offerings that are typical for your size and type of property. Nothing about the guest service is personal or unique to the individual guest or their situation and needs. Each guest/patient is unique, so it will take different types of surprises. A brainstorming activity where the trainer might ask trainees to describe what they might do for a senior golfer, a teenage girl, a business women, a patient or guests with teenagers or toddlers, a guest who is hearing or visually impaired.